About Us


GP Stellar is committed to providing innovative renewable energy consultation and contracting with the ultimate goal of promoting certified knowledge as well as transitioning towards the use of green energy technologies throughout the MENA region in Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects.



Our vision is to become leaders in the Renewable Energy industry by providing a strategic and certified network of energy professionals that offer efficient green energy solutions

What differentiates us from others?

THE 4 C's

Commitment towards sustainable development & value creation

Comprehensive Strategic Partnerships with leading suppliers, manufacturers & system integrators

Certified knowledge in turnkey Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Continuous system differentiation and cost effectiveness through economies of scale & efficient supply chain management

Core Values


In a region with economic and political turbulence, GP Stellar  will maintain an open mindset to promote green energy awareness and seek strategic alliances to maximize continuous Renewable Energy development with the utilization of highest knowledge and expertise


GP Stellar is dedicated to continuous value creation with our company, clients and customers; while exerting our best efforts to the greatest goal of integrating Renewable Energy solution in project design


Act upon the principle of honesty above short-term profits through providing sincere energy solutions and certified knowledge

Financial Partners

Strategic Partners


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Meet Our Team

  • Ali Ezzeddine

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Karim Hennawi

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Engineer Ahmad El-Saleh

    Senior Energy Engineer

  • Dr. Nabil Hachem

    Senior Project Consultant

  • Hassan Dbouk

    Senior Solar Installer